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Ford is placing priority on Special Orders. Contact Us to Order Now!

Pine Tree Ford Lincoln

Best used car dealership in Vaughn, ON

Best used dealership in Vaughn, ON | Pine Tree Ford Lincoln 

Settling on a car purchase is never easy. The vehicle must match your desires, needs, and most importantly, your budget. In Vaughan, ON, if there's one place that understands these intricacies and delivers beyond expectations, it's Pine Tree Ford Lincoln.

Why Buy Pre-Owned with Us?

Best used car dealership in Vaughn, ON

Phenomenal Depreciation Savings

New vehicles, as revealed by CARFAX, shed 10% of their value in the first month and 20% within the first year. Purchasing pre-owned can save you from this steep depreciation curve, allowing your hard-earned dollars to stretch further.

Quality Assurance

We uphold stringent quality checks. Every used car undergoes meticulous inspection to ensure it matches the gold standards of Pine Tree Ford Lincoln.

Certified Pre-owned Advantage

Our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are more than just used cars. Brand-expert mechanics rigorously check them, maintained with OEM parts, and come with a CARFAX report detailing their history. This certification ensures transparency and quality.

Our Diverse Used Vehicles Inventory

From compact sedans to sturdy SUVs and elegant crossovers, we've got them all. Our inventory is graced with popular Ford and Lincoln models, ensuring you have ample choices, irrespective of your taste or needs. From the powerful Ford Mustang with a 5.0-litre V8 engine to the luxurious Lincoln Navigator with premium amenities, the options are endless.

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Finance Options

Finance Options

Gone are the days when purchasing pre-owned meant dealing with rigid payment schemes. At Pine Tree Ford Lincoln, flexibility is the norm. Our in-house financing options offer payment plans tailored to suit individual needs. Whether you prefer monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly payments, we've got you covered.

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Peace of Mind with Pine Tree Ford Lincoln

Unlike private sales, where your only assurance is the seller's word, we offer warranties on select vehicles. These warranties ensure you aren’t investing in a dud while also emphasizing our confidence in the quality of our cars. Remember, as a reputable dealership, our reputation is at stake with every car we sell, ensuring we uphold the highest standards.

In the Realm of Private Used Car Sales

In the Realm of Private Used Car Sales

While private sellers can offer valuable deals, buying from a reputable dealer like Pine Tree Ford Lincoln eliminates the hassles of UVIP verifications, CARFAX checks, and VIN validations. We handle all these complexities, ensuring you drive out with nothing but satisfaction.

A Word on Insurance

With us, you can even test drive using our insurance. Once you're set on a purchase, our team can guide you to secure the best auto insurance for your chosen vehicle, ensuring a smooth transition into car ownership.

Making the Right Choice with Pine Tree Ford Lincoln

Making the Right Choice with Pine Tree Ford Lincoln

The journey to purchasing a used vehicle is paved with numerous decisions. At Pine Tree Ford Lincoln, we make the journey enjoyable, transparent, and fruitful. So if you’re looking for the best-used dealership in Vaughan, ON, look no further. With our impeccable range of vehicles, unmatched finance options, and unyielding commitment to quality, we ensure that every purchase is not just about buying a car, but about driving home an experience. 

And always remember, no matter where you buy, it's wise to have a trusted mechanic inspect your chosen vehicle. After all, trust is verified, not assumed. Welcome to Pine Tree Ford Lincoln – where dreams meet drives.

*All pricing is based on Ontario MSRP and does not include taxes and fees. Dealer pricing may differ. Prices are subject to change anytime without notice.

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