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2024 Ford Edge vs 2024 Chevrolet Blazer

2024 Ford Edge Comparison

2024 Chevrolet Blazer Comparison

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2024 Ford Edge Feature 2024 Chevrolet Blazer
$38,595 - $51,495 MSRP* $45,580 - $55,280
2.0 L/122 Engine litres (L) 3.6L/- TBD - 2.0L/- TBD
Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4 Cylinder configuration Gas V6 Turbocharged Gas I4
250 hp @ 5500 rpm Horsepower (hp) 308 hp @ 6600 rpm 

228 hp @ 5000 rpm

275 ft-lb @ 3000 rpm Torque (lb-ft) 270 ft-lb @ 5000 rpm 

258 ft-lb @ 1500-4000 rpm

11.5 L/100 km Fuel economy - city (L/100km) 10.8 - 12.8 L/100 km
8.4 L/100 km Fuel economy - highway (L/100km) 8.7 - 9.1 L/100 km
8.4 - 11.5 L/100 km Fuel economy - combined (L/100km) 8.7 - 12.8 L/100 km
4,796   Exterior length (mm) 4,874  
1,928   Exterior body width (mm) 1,948  
4,796   Exterior body length (mm) 4,874 
2,850    Wheelbase (mm) 2,863   
N/A Front track (mm) N/A
N/A Rear track (mm) N/A
1110  Interior cargo volume (l) 1818 
2078   Maximum interior cargo volume (l) 864    
1,082  Front legroom (mm) 1,041  
1,031  Rear legroom (mm) 1,006   
1,021  Front headroom (mm) 1,011 
1,024  Rear headroom (mm) 980  
N/A Front hiproom (mm) N/A
N/A Rear hiproom (mm) N/A
1,532   Front shoulder room (mm) 1,501 


At Pine Tree Ford Lincoln, we’re excited to present a detailed comparison between two prominent contenders in the midsize SUV market: the 2024 Ford Edge and the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer. Each offers distinct features and capabilities tailored to meet diverse consumer needs. This comparison aims to provide a clear perspective on what each model has to offer, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Interior and Exterior Styling Comparison

Interior and Exterior Styling Comparison

The Edge's interior is a fusion of comfort and technology, featuring a vertically oriented touchscreen and intuitive controls for a modern driving experience. The exterior retains its classic look, subtly enhanced to reflect contemporary design trends. The spacious interior is a standout feature, offering ample room and comfort for all passengers.


The Blazer's interior is marked by its stylish and functional design, with distinctive round air vents and a premium feel. Its exterior design is bold and assertive, appealing to those who favour a sportier look in their SUV. The Blazer’s cabin reflects meticulous attention to detail, creating an environment that is both inviting and practical.

Technology Features Comparison

Technology Features Comparison

In the tech arena, the Edge is a frontrunner with its state-of-the-art infotainment system and connectivity options that cater to the tech-savvy driver. The incorporation of advanced technology extends beyond entertainment, enhancing both driver assistance and vehicle performance.


The Blazer is not far behind, boasting cutting-edge technology features like wireless charging and a power-adjustable steering column, emphasizing convenience and ease of use. Its technology package is designed to keep passengers connected and entertained, regardless of the journey length.

Safety Features Comparison

Safety in the Edge is bolstered by advanced driver assistance systems and a solid build, reflecting Ford’s commitment to passenger safety. It excels in crash tests, providing peace of mind for families and commuters alike. The Edge's safety features ensure that it remains a reliable choice in challenging driving conditions.

The Blazer's comprehensive safety suite includes advanced features like pedestrian detection and rear cross-traffic alert, enhancing overall driving safety. Its impressive safety ratings underscore its capability to protect occupants in various driving scenarios, making it a trustworthy companion on the road.

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While both the 2024 Ford Edge and Chevrolet Blazer stand out with their unique strengths, at Pine Tree Ford Lincoln, we are proud to offer the Ford Edge exclusively. This remarkable SUV not only meets but exceeds expectations with its blend of technology, safety, and style. We invite you to explore the Ford Edge, a vehicle that embodies the essence of innovation and comfort. Visit us to experience the Edge’s remarkable features and discover why it is the ideal choice for your next vehicle. 

*All pricing is based on Ontario MSRP and does not include taxes and fees. Dealer pricing may differ. Prices are subject to change anytime without notice.

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